Dropping Inn's Sustainability

We’re taking deliberate steps to reduce our carbon footprint and mitigate our negative impact through the development and adoption of more sustainable business practices and technologies.

We certainly know that we have a long way to go, but we hope that by joining the conversation and inviting open dialogue, we can make progress towards this goal, together.

You’ll find here a list of things that we believe we’re doing to put our best foot forward. We share these with you to provide transparency and in hopes that you hold us, yourselves, our friends, and competitors alike accountable.

Grounds for your Garden​

hello RANGER and Urban Grind offer bags of used coffee grinds for people to come collect to enrich their gardens and compost.

Coffee grounds are a nutritional additive for your garden soil. During the brewing process, most of the acidity is removed, leaving behind a nutrient-rich green material – great for nitrogen loving plants!

Add grounds directly to your garden to promote plant growth, repel ants and slugs and encourage earthworms. Apply as a side dressing to nitrogen-loving plants and most perennials. Balance the nutrition of your soil with “brown” materials such as leaves or grass.

Or, add to your compost to enrich, by combining with “brown” materials. Use grounds within 2-3 weeks of brewing to capture the most nutritional value.

Dropping Inn's Sustainability Practices

PLANTING TREES.  Our staff isn’t afraid to get their knees dirty when planting trees, we start our staff parties by planting trees at Bike Glendhu, Te Kākano, and a few locations in Lake Hāwea, we want to do our bit, to conserve, protect, and restore our environment.

RECYCLING. We work with our local legends at Wastebusters to recycle anything that we can, and being clear what these things are so we don’t contaminate or create more work.

FOOD SCRAPS. All of our left over food scraps from all four businesses goes to local chickens.

LOCALLY SOURCED PRODUCTS. We do our absolute best to source our ingredients for our menus from local vendors, including Royalburn Eggs, Wairiri Buffalo Beef, Green Grass Roots